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CRCA issues a watershed conditions statement – Water safety
February 3, 2016 | Public Notices

KINGSTON ON – The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) has issued a Watershed Conditions Statement today.

The rainfall amounts forecast for overnight and tomorrow morning range from 20 to 35 mm, accompanied by warm temperatures tomorrow.  Creek levels have already risen due to recent rainfall and snow melt.  The forecast amounts have the potential to cause stream flows to rise rapidly and nuisance flooding in low areas close to stream banks is possible, if the higher rainfall amounts arrive.

Widespread flooding is NOT expected at this time. 

Rising creek and lake levels have the potential to further weaken creek and lake ice that is already unstable and weak.  The potential exists for ice chunks to be carried downstream and collect on obstructions (culverts, bridges, etc.), potentially causing localized flooding.

Local residents are reminded to stay off the ice and away from the unstable creek banks.

CRCA staff will continue to monitor conditions and forecasts, and update our messaging to suit.

This statement is valid until: Monday, February 8, 2016


Snow Plowing Priorities for normal winter conditions
January 22, 2016 | Public Works

The Town of Gananqoue snowplows are big, difficult to drive and work continuously during snowfalls to clear nearly 76km of road .

Road Plowing : Target Hours are as follows;

Arterial – 4hrs – Major Arterial and Collector Roads, such as King and Stone (Class 3 as per Minimum Maintenance Standards require 12 hrs snow, 8 hrs ice)

Secondary – 6 hrs – Secondary Collector Roads, such as Charles, William, Herbert and Garden (Class 4 as per Minimum Maintenance Standards require 16 hrs snow, 12 hrs ice)

Residential – 16hrs – Local Residential and other low volume roads (Class 5 as per Minimum Maintenance Standards require 24 hrs snow, 16 hrs ice)

Sidewalk Clearing

 2 sidewalk plows with approximately 55km of sidewalk.  Arterial and Secondary Roads are our first priorities followed by the remaining sidewalks focusing on efficiency.  We start plowing before 2.5cm of accumulation or within 6 hrs after an event.

*Target number of hours to have centre of the roadway clear following the end of the snowfall

Download the info: Winter Plowing

 Snowplow safety

  • Be patient and keep a safe distance from plows. When travelling behind a plow, leave at least three car lengths of distance between you and the plow.
  • Do not drive beside a plow and NEVER pass a plow.
  • If a plow is approaching from the opposite direction, shift to the right of your lane to give some extra leeway. Plows need to clear the centre of the road too.
  • If you are on a multiple lane road (such as the 401) and there is a line of plows working, do not attempt to pass. Be patient and follow the plows at a safe distance.
  • Pedestrians: if you see a snowplow, assume the driver has not seen you and move off the sidewalk into a yard where you can be seen.
  • Parents: children should be reminded not to play on, or build forts, in roadside snowbanks and to not approach a plow, even if it has stopped.
Dog Tags licences 2016
January 18, 2016 | Public Notices

Dog Tags are available at Town Hall and Pet Valu. Tags are $15.00 until February 29, 2016 and $25.00 as of March 1, 2016. Please ensure that your information is up to date.

News Release Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority
January 8, 2016 | Public Notices
The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) has issued a Watershed Conditions Statement today. The rainfall amounts forecast for this weekend (January 9th and 10th)much of it expected to fall Sunday , Jan 10th have the potential to cause stream flows to rise rapidly, and the potential to cause flooding in low lying areas. 
Current forecasts indicate the possibility of as much as 30 to 35mm of rainfall by Sunday evening.
The frozen ground condition will prevent effi cient infiltration of rainfall into the ground resulting in additional runoff. The top layer of ice over the current snowpack will also encourage runoff. Above zero temperatures forecast for this weekend will also produce some snow melt before consistently colder temps arrive, expected Sunday night
Widespread flooding is NOT expected at this time. However, some low areas close to stream banks may become inundated as stream levels rise. Residents and municipal staff are
reminded that unobstructed storm sewer inlets and catchbasins will do a better job of draining temporary urban ponding, commonly experienced after rain events.
To view full Press Release 
Public Skating on Friday has been cancelled
January 7, 2016 | Public Notices

 Friday January 8th public skating that was scheduled 8 - 9:30 has been cancelled .. There is  Junior C game that start time 8:10pm !

Winter Parking
December 29, 2015 | General Notices

Just a reminder that overnight parking is in effect. No overnight parking on streets, Town parking lots from 1:00 am to 7:00 am. Reminder to residents to not park or ensure your vehicle does not overhang over the sidewalks as this interferes with the snow cleaning of sidewalks.

If your car is towed contact