Pirate Invasion

from Saturday, August 19, 2017 - 10:00am to Sunday, August 20, 2017 - 3:00pm


'Capt'n Tor & The Naer Do Well Cads' are returning to the 1000 Islands and the fair town of Gananoque to host the 2017 Gananoque Pirate Invasion! 

Festival dates: Saturday 10am-4pm & Sunday 10am-3pm for all ages in

Event Location: Town Park

Free admission 

Event Description: This year's Gananoque 1000 Pirate Invasion is better than ever! This year Capt'n Tor and the Naer Do Well Cads will be providing their signature rollickin frollickin all ages music and theatrics and belly-dancer on their own stage over the weekend, but they will also be setting up their amazing full pirate encampment with an exciting variety of ifun, nteractive, and educational games, exhibits, a pirate mercantile, and more! - All to take the participant back in time to 1691 - during the Golden Era of Pirates!

The 1000 Islands Pirate Society are an important part of the pirate encampment and the show! 
1000 Islands Society members have the opportunity to participate at a variety of levels, including remaining on site for the evening gathering and taking turns on the overnight watch ta ensure the safety of the site. 

Activities include:
- Pirate musical/theatrical shows
- Save The Ship game
- Tug-A-War with the pirates
- Sharp and Pointy Weapons demonstrations
- Swashbuckling story telling
- the Capt'n Tor Cooperative Mercantile
- Walk-the-plank
- Knot Tying demonstration and activities
- Pirate Face painting
-Krakens & Rigging game
-Digging for treasure
-Face painting
-Musical shows

Send a private message ta Gwenyvarr, the 1st Mate, fer additional details if ye be itchin' ta sign up fer a higher level of participation as a volunteer in this event, including having yer wares fer sale in the store. https://www.facebook.com/pirateparties.ca/

Businesses wishing to contribute to the festival's fundraising efforts and/or be a vendor at the festival please contact the festival committee at gananoquepirateinvasion@gmail.com or with a personal message bottle on the Book of Faces (Facebook)

Set up of the Encampment will occur Thursday, and Friday August 18th & 19th - And Society folks are a huge help in getting the tents raised and ready! Make yer mark below ta let us know if ye can assist even fer a couple hours ta help set up!