Little Pump House

The Little Pump House

Contact Information
Full Name: Pam Staples & Jayne Christopher     
Business Name: Little Pump House
Address:  2 King Street E, Gananoque ON, K7G 1E6
Phone Number: 613-328-8357     

Tell us about yourself! Hobbies? Fun facts? How did you get started?
Jayne and Pam have been involved in the arts community in Gananoque for a combined 42 years. Between craft shows, live theatre, school workshops, wedding decorating and other fun things, simply said we are a party in a box.

Define your business in your own words.
The Little Pump House is home to 31 amazing local artisans . Our shop is full of locally handmade fun and whimsical products; stained glass, pottery , cigar box instruments, visual Art, glass, jewelry, birdhouses, metal work, bags, purses, #lifeontheriver wear, pajamas and nightwear, and so much more! We are open all year round.

What business achievement are you most proud of?
We love our location at the Pump House and we are very proud that our clientele is a mixture of visitors to the area and local shoppers.

Why did you choose Gananoque/Leeds and the Thousand Islands to start your business?
We chose to open our business in Gananoque because this is where we live, where we love #lifeontheriver and love showcasing the amazing talented artisans that live in this region.

What words would you use to describe Gananoque/Leeds and the Thousand Islands?
Best place to live and visit in the world.

Provide a message to your future guests!
Drop in, have a chat, see what's new and take home something fun.

Little Pump House described in one word: One-of-a-kind