REVISED - Notice of Intent - Amend Procedural By-law No. 2016-094

Public Notices
General Notices

Please be advised that the Council of the Town of Gananoque provides Notice of Intent to amend Procedural By-law No. 2016-094, at their regular meeting of Council being held on Tuesday, February 19, 2019, as indicated below:

Section 2.  DEFINITIONS, be amended to read as follows:

2.22  "Deputy Mayor" means a person holding the seat of Deputy Mayor in the proper rotation.  The Deputy Mayor seat will be appointed for a one (1) year term. 

Section 5.3  REGULAR MEETINGS, be amended to read as follows:

5.3.2.  Meeting Locations – Council / Committee of the Whole: Regular Council and Committee of the Whole meetings shall generally be in the Council Chambers located at Town Hall at 30 King Street East, 2nd Floor, in accordance with the Council meeting Schedule.  The venue may change from time-to-time due to items on the agenda for discussion.

Section 7.   ROLE OF PRESIDING OFFICER OR CHAIR, be amended to read as follows:

 7.2. Chair to Preside – Committee of the Whole:  The Chair of the Committee of the Whole shall preside over all meetings of Committee of the Whole, preserve order and decorum and decide questions related to the rules of order subject to an appeal by a member to the Committee. 


The Chair shall rotate among Councillors in alphabetical order, using the Councillor’s surname, starting with A and moving forward to Z, with each member serving for a six (6) month period.  That circulation will be continual until the end of the Term of Council.  The Mayor shall not be included in the rotation.


Should you require further information, please contact Penny Kelly, Clerk, at 613-382-2149, ext 1120 or via email at