2018 Holiday Free Public Skating Schedule

Town News

Saturday, December 22nd           1:30PM     to   2:30PM
Monday, December 24th              10:00AM   to   12:00PM
Wednesday, December 26th        1:00PM     to   3:00PM
Thursday, December 27th            8:00PM     to   9:00PM
Friday, December 28th                 8:00PM     to   9:30PM
Sunday, December 30th               7:00PM     to   8:00PM
Monday, December 31st               3:00PM     to   4:00PM
Tuesday, January 2nd                   7:00PM     to   9:00PM
Friday, January 4th                       9:00PM      to  10:30PM

Sponsored by Tim Hortons
Lou Jeffries, Gananoque & T.L.T.I Recreation Centre 600 King Street