2016 Annual Line Painting Program

Public Works

Please be advised that the 2016 Annual Line Painting Program will be starting May 24, 2016.  Online Pavement Marking will be completing line painting operations for the Town of Gananoque.

Please note that the Town of Gananoque assumes no responsibility for paint damage claims from motorists who cross wet paint lines.  The work will be commencing Tuesday May 24, 2016 weather permitting.  The program could take up to 1 week to complete with minor traffic disruptions in some areas.  We would ask that you not park on the street overnight during the week of May 24 thru to May 27. 



  • Line painting is done primarily during daylight hours with some overnight work.
  • It takes approximately 2 minutes for traffic paint to dry.
  • Wet traffic paint on the road may splatter on your vehicle if you cross the line before the paint has dried.

If your vehicle is splattered with paint:

  • Go to a car wash as soon as possible
  • If paint does not wash off, spray the affected area with WD-40 and allow it to dry for 2 hours, then rewash the affected area.
  • If the paint remains, consider submitting a claim to your insurer.


For further information please contact:

Chris Wagar,

Director of Public Works

The Town of Gananoque

(613)382-2149 ext. 1615