A Friendly Reminder to Landlords in the Town of Gananoque - Utility Bills

Public Notices

It is very important to the Town of Gananoque municipal staff that all residents stay well informed regarding their utility bills. In 2016 Council adopted a resolution that tenant utilities should be in the name of the property owner. To ensure that this practice is adhered to, please review the following:

  • At the February 4th, 2020 Council meeting, Council voted to direct staff to mail a letter to the Town of Gananoque landlords (property owners) of record, with a friendly reminder that property owners are responsible for any tenant utility arrears, in accordance with the Town of Gananoque Bylaw 2008-020, the “Bylaw to Regulate Waterworks."
  • Overdue utility bills will be added to the property owner’s tax account after 181 days.
  • Council would like to encourage all landlords to transfer existing tenant utility accounts to the property owner’s name and mailing address. Directly administrating the tenant utilities will mean that the landlords are always aware of the cost of their utility bills and that the invoices are paid in a timely manner.

If changes need to be made to your account please contact:

Traci Vandusen 
Utility Administrator
613-382-2149 x 1117