Council Pleased with Eastern Ontario Power and Hydro One’s Commitment to Improve Town’s Power Concerns

Public Notices

GANANOQUE, ON At the January 17th 2017 Council meeting, the Town of Gananoque Council received an update from Chief Administrative Officer, Shellee Fournier and Eastern Ontario Power representative, Jie Han. At the meeting, the CAO explained to Council the effort that Eastern Ontario Power and Hydro One have undertaken to improve the reliability of the local power system.

“Both Eastern Ontario Power and Hydro One Networks took the community’s concerns seriously. To date they have completed a feasibility study and costing of 4 different options designed to reduce the frequency and duration of unplanned power outages; inspected and tested all the poles along Highway #2; identified problem areas along the line; and completed a revision of their budget plan to accommodate the needed investment in the 2017/18 time period,” Fournier noted.
Options include constructing a redundant power supply line from Brockville at a cost of over $11M; extending a second supply line from Kingston at a cost of $7M; installing tie switches on Joyceville Road at a cost of $106K; and rebuilding 7.5km of line on John F Scott Road at a cost of $702K. Eastern Ontario Power told Council that they planned to move forward with both Options #3 and #4. The work would start in 2017 and be completed in late 2018. This investment would have reduced the hours of the former outages from 38 hours down to 18 hours.
While this is a major improvement, Mayor Demchuk advised Council that MPP Steve Clark and she planned to continue to lobby Hydro One to implement the option of extending a second supply from Kingston. They will be setting up meetings with Kingston Mayor, Brian Paterson and MPP Sophi Kiwala from Kingston and the Islands to discuss the plan further.
Mayor Demchuk thanked Mr. Han for the work both Eastern Ontario Power and Hydro One have completed to date, “We raised our concerns as a community and you heard us, developed a plan and have committed to implementing it. On behalf this council, the citizens and businesses of Gananoque, I thank you.