Public Notices
To Parents of Child Care United and Concerned Gananoque Residents,
On March 9th 2017, the Town of Gananoque became responsible for the former Kinsmen Hall. The Town’s first priorities were to open new hydro, gas and utility accounts, purchase insurance for the building, and approach the Daycare to discuss its occupancy.
The Town sought advice from its lawyer regarding the matter of the daycare being occupants of the building. The lawyer’s advice was to put into place a short term agreement so that neither party would be exposed in the short term. The Town’s intent for a short term lease, is exactly that, to put something in place immediately while the Town and the Daycare work out longer term arrangements at a later date. The Town proposed a six month term. This was a suggestion only and was open for discussion. The Town’s CAO was to meet with the Daycare to discuss these proposed terms on March 27th 2017 at 4:30pm at Town Hall. It was expected that during this meeting the daycare would accept and/or counter propose alternate terms. Unfortunately, the Daycare representatives canceled that meeting.
Since that time, there has been much misinformation distributed regarding the Child Care United and the Town of Gananoque with regards to the proposed lease and the Town’s intent. It is not typical that the Town negotiates terms of a lease agreement publicly; however final documents do become public documents.
It needs to be made clear that that Town wishes to work with the Daycare to create a short term lease. Unfortunately the daycare has advised that they will not be meeting with Town staff, but rather that their lawyer, Michael Johnston would be negotiating terms. To date, the Town has not heard from Mr. Johnston.
Another area of misinformation is the proposed amount of rent in the agreement. The draft agreement given to the Daycare has a rental amount of $1/year and the Town is looking for the daycare to contribute $500/month that will go into a capital reserve to repair/replace capital items directly associated with the daycare’s square footage portion of the building. This would cover the replacement of the aging heating system, air conditioning units, windows, etc.
The Town financially contributes towards the subsidization of childcare for low income families via the portion of money it gives to the Counties. Town Council also approved a $10,000 contribution from the Community Grants program in 2015 towards the play structure for the children at Child Care United.
To summarize, the Town sees the Daycare as a valued and integral part of the community and hopes that the Daycare representatives will take the time to meet with Town staff as soon as possible to start the discussion around the terms of the lease agreement that will be agreeable to both parties.
For more information contact:
Shellee Fournier
Town of Gananoque
30 King Street East, Box 100
Gananoque, Ontario K7G 2T6
613-382-2149 ext. 1113