Drought Condition Moves to Moderate

Public Notices

The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) Water Response Team agreed today to move the local drought condition declaration from “Minor” to “Moderate”, due to ongoing drought conditions. The total rainfall across the CRCA for June was just over normal, but there have been long dry
periods between each rain event, allowing the soils and streams to dry out between events. Every rain event helps restore moisture in the soils, vegetation, lakes and streams, but considerable rainfall is needed to bring conditions back to normal.

The Water Response Team recommends water conservation across the jurisdiction, for all water users, residential and commercial, especially those areas that are supplied by a ground water well or shore well. The team is asking residents and businesses of the region to be wary of
water usage, and try to conserve water where they can; this includes the outside watering of plants and lawns, and washing driveways, sidewalks, cars, etc. Permit To Take Water holders.

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