How Does Heritage Fit with Planning? - Workshop

Public Notices
This workshop will address the relationship between the conservation of our built heritage resources and land use planning. Heritage conservation is now recognized as a key element in the planning process. Since the enactment of the first Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) in 2005, the province of Ontario has mandated that “significant heritage resources be conserved” (policy 2.6.1). However, this document has not always been effective in ensuring the protection of designated properties, since local municipalities make the decisions on whether heritage buildings are preserved when older properties are being redeveloped, and economic viability is usually the prime consideration on the part of the developer.
This workshop will address the preparation of municipal heritage registers, designating significant heritage properties, ensuring that heritage concerns are properly addressed when new development projects are being considered, requiring the submission and review of heritage impact assessments, and determining how to incorporate heritage buildings into new developments.
Date: November 3, 2017
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