Lowertown Revitalization - Public Consultation

Public Notices

The public is being asked to review the Lowertown Revitalization Plan and submit feedback/comments/suggestions to the Manager of Public Works by Friday, March 26th at 4:00pm. Displays have been set up in Town Hall, 30 King Street East for those who wish to review the plans. Alternatively, PDF version of the different plans have been provided below.

Town Hall Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday from 10:00am - 2:00pm

Lowertown Revitalization







DRAWING 1A - Market Street - North to South Option

DRAWING 1B - Market Street - South to North Option



Comments can be sent by email to Paul McMunn at pwmanager@gananoque.ca using the feedback form below, or feedback forms can be dropped off at Town hall, or filled out at Town Hall and left with reception.

Lowertown Revitalization Feedback Form

If an accessible copy of the PDF below is needed please email businesscoordinator@gananoque.ca. Details about the project can be found below.

Lowertown Revitalization
Members of Council and members of Senior Management have been meeting regularly over the last year to review parking, traffic flow, and construction requirements with respect to sidewalks and roadway in the Lowertown area, specifically west of Main Street and south of St. Lawrence Street. Improvements to this area could take place following Labor Day, so as to not affect this upcoming tourist season, and use of Joel Stone Park by residents and visitors to Gananoque.

To revitalize the Lowertown area west of Main Street, and south of St. Lawrence Street to improve traffic flow, increase on-street parking, and improve pedestrian infrastructure (sidewalks) for residents and visitors. There is also a dedicated staging and launch area for residents and visitors to launch watercraft.

  • Drawing 1A illustrates the option for Market Street to be north to south between St. Lawrence Street and Water Street.
  • Drawing 1B illustrates the option for Market Street to be south to north between Water Street and St. Lawrence Street.
  • Drawing 2 and Drawing 3 are the same for both options (north or south) with respect to Drawings 1A and Drawings 1B.
  • One way traffic from east to west, from Main Street all the way to Market Street at St. Lawrence Street.
  • Added on-street parking spaces on the north side of Water Street between Main Street and market Street.
  • Bump-outs on Water Street between Main Street and Kate Street to shorten the distance for pedestrians to cross (with painted crosswalks).
  • Stop controlled intersections at Water Street/Market Street and Water Street/Kate Street.
  • Removal of interlock (stone pavers) sidewalks to be replaced with concrete on the south side of Water Street between Main Street and Market Street.
  • Staging/Queue area with pavement markings on Kate Street for people waiting their turn to use the Lion’s Boat Launch.
  • Staging/Queue area with pavement markings on St. Lawrence Street for people waiting their turn to launch, or to secure their boat before leaving.
  • Roadway rehabilitation (removal of existing asphalt, fine grading and new asphalt roadway).
  • Additional Accessible Parking spaces.