News Release Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority

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The Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority (CRCA) has issued a Watershed Conditions Statement today. The rainfall amounts forecast for this weekend (January 9th and 10th)much of it expected to fall Sunday , Jan 10th have the potential to cause stream flows to rise rapidly, and the potential to cause flooding in low lying areas. 
Current forecasts indicate the possibility of as much as 30 to 35mm of rainfall by Sunday evening.
The frozen ground condition will prevent effi cient infiltration of rainfall into the ground resulting in additional runoff. The top layer of ice over the current snowpack will also encourage runoff. Above zero temperatures forecast for this weekend will also produce some snow melt before consistently colder temps arrive, expected Sunday night
Widespread flooding is NOT expected at this time. However, some low areas close to stream banks may become inundated as stream levels rise. Residents and municipal staff are
reminded that unobstructed storm sewer inlets and catchbasins will do a better job of draining temporary urban ponding, commonly experienced after rain events.
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