Town Park Revitalization - Public Consultation

Public Notices

The public is being asked to review the Town Park Revitalization Plan and submit feedback/comments/suggestions to the Manager of Community Services by Saturday, March 6th at 4:00pm. Displays have been set up in the Visitor Centre, 10 King Street East for those who wish to review the plans. Alternatively, PDF version of the different plans have been provided below.

Town Hall Hours of Operation (starting February 22nd)
Monday - Friday from 10:00am - 2:00pm

Visitor Centre Hours of Operation (starting February 23rd)
Tuesday - Saturday from 10:00am - 4:00pm 

Town Park Revitalization Project








Wentworth Site Plan Rendering - Option 1A
Option 1A 3D

Wentworth Site Plan Rendering - Option 1B
Option 1B 3D


Wentworth Site Plan Rendering - Option 2A
Option 2A 3D

Wentworth Site Plan Rendering - Option 2B
Option 2B 3D

Comments can be sent by email to Kari Lambe at using the feedback form below or feedback forms can be filled out at both Town Hall and the Visitor Centre.

Town Park Revitalization Feedback Form

If an accessible copy of the PDF below is needed please email

Details about the project can be found below.

Town Park Revitalization

The previous Gananoque Town Council commissioned a consultant report to examine how the public felt Town Park could better be used and improved.

The current Gananoque Town Council has decided to divide the revitalization into two phases.  

The first phase would be the front of Town Park facing King Street which should be a passive park for people to be able to enjoy and spend time in during the day and during the evening.   

The second phase would be for the north end of Town Park which should be an active park – a revitalized baseball diamond, improved children playground and the possibility of a basketball court etc.

Highlights of Phase 1

To revitalize the Town Park so residents and visitors to Gananoque have a focal point for activities, a place for people to sit and socialize, and a centre piece for the Town of Gananoque.
In order to provide the public with a place to visit, sit and enjoy it was determined that the front of Town Park should be revitalized as a PUBLIC SQUARE.


  • Removal of roadway from King Street to allow more public space. Fountain would remain.
  • Institute proper drainage and leveling the land.
  • Increase the width and leveling of the interlocking walkways to allow for Farmer’s Market and other Craft Vendors. Walkways would be accessible.
  • Provide lighting and electrical outlets along Walkways for Vendors, as well as, for public to be able to sit and enjoy the park during the evening/night.
  • Provide lighting and electrical outlets at each Tree to increase lighting during the evening and provide options for holiday lighting in the winter period.
  • Along the perimeter of the Square have a long public bench to allow people to sit, socialize, eat their lunch etc.
  • Landscape behind the long public bench and in front of the walkways with Trees and Perennial Flowers/Plants to make the Public Square an Oasis in the middle of downtown.
  • Provide accessible pathways from the Children’s Play area, as well as, from the north-east side of the Park.
  • Create a possible landscaped Berm as an Amphitheatre to allow the Bandshell to be programmed as an entertainment venue.
  • Redirect vehicular traffic along Garden Street entrance to the current Public Entrance to Town Hall.


  • The proposed public square would allow more residents and visitors to sit and enjoy Town Park in the morning, afternoon, evening and at night on the long public bench.
  • The public square would be beautified by large planters during the summer.
  • The public square would be the focal point of a Christmas/Holiday Winter Festival in the winter.
  • The Farmer’s Market, Ribfest Market Vendors, Lion’s Car Show, Remembrance Ceremonies and other Public Events would have a large accessible venue in the Centre of Town.
  • The increased lighting along the walkways and within the landscaped areas would allow for evening programming, markets etc.
  • The public square would allow musicians to perform on the public square, as well as, larger stage performances in the Bandshell with seating on the amphitheatre berm.
  • Additional seating, tables, chess stations could also be accommodated in the future.

NOTE:  The Town Park would continue to have grassed areas for people to picnic and enjoy, however attention would be required to ensure that areas remain relatively flat to accommodate picnic tables, possible art sculptures, as well as, possible destination gardens.  Trees would be maintained, as well as, added to enhance a park like setting.