Fencing at Waterfront

Town News

Due to the high waters of 2017 and 2019 as well as high boat traffic the Town has experienced several areas of concern due to erosion and washouts. This includes the marina, customs dock, Joel Stone lighthouse and the swim platform. The Town has filled the washouts, but they continue to return causing a hazardous situation.

In August of 2018 after the high waters of 2017, an Engineering company was contracted to complete draft engineered drawing and tender documents to solve the erosion problem. Unfortunately before this was brought to fruition the high waters of 2019 hit causing even further damage.

Test holes were drilled in 2020 (see picture) to determine the extent of the washouts and then COVID hit.

In 2021 we finally received the test results which proved to be incomplete. We have asked for a review of the recommendations from the engineering company and confirm that the recommended solution is achievable. This is where we are at today and once we receive this information then the tender documents will be updated and the work tendered as per the towns procurement policy.

Waterfront dockWaterfront dock