Update from Town Council - December 21, 2021 Meeting

Town News
  • An Integrity Commissioner report found that Councillor Kench is in breach of the Council Code of Conduct. Council passed a motion to suspend his remuneration for a period of 90 days in the amount of $3,327.00 and to issue a formal reprimand to Councillor Kench to demonstrate to public that the Council and the Town do not condone his views and manner in which he expressed them.  The report will be made available to the public.
  • Council extended the term of the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT) Agreement with the Thousand Islands Accommodation Partners (TIAP) for an additional four years.
  • Council received the Age-Friendly Gananoque Background Report and Action Plan and directed staff to seek out grant opportunities to assist in funding the 42 recommendations.
  • Council viewed the Rural Economic Development Business Chronicle Video and commended staff on producing an excellent marketing initiative.
  • The Town will enter into a 10 year Lease Agreement with the Rotary Club of Gananoque, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a Community Garden at 355 Arthur Street and 200 Second Street.
  • Council approved a $2,000 Community Grant for the Rotary Club of Gananoque – Community Gardens for the purchase and installation of a Community Gardens sign at 200 Second Street.
  • A motion brought forward to further reduce the 2022 Tax Levy below 2% was defeated. 
  • A motion brought forward to direct the Treasurer to add $19,161 to the Community Services Operational Budget to hire a temporary labourer for 20 weeks during the Spring/Summer season to assist with Trails and Parks maintenance was defeated.
  • Council passed a motion to direct Staff to Amend the Special Events Policy to require Park Permit applicants to submit a Recycling/Environmental Plan and attestation to adhere to the Plan as it pertains to biodegradable and compostable dishes and utensils at events.
  • Council Approved a 2021 Community Grant to the Gananoque Arts Network in the amount of $5,000 for administrative costs, including insurance and website development.
  • Council Approved a 2021 Community Grant to the Gananoque Rotary Club Ribfest event in the amount of $15,000 to upgrade power at the Lou Jeffries Arena. 
  • Council Passed a By-law to utilize alternative voting methods for the 2022 Municipal and School Board election and passed a By-law to authorize an Agreement with Intelivote Systems Inc. for the supply of internet and telephone voting system for an estimated cost of $9,153.00 subject to the final election count.
  • Council directed staff to uphold the Ice Allocation Policy as it relates to the Ice Booking Cancellations Due to COVID-19 and not provide forgiveness on cancellations.