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    Report your
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    Share your stories of kindness and community
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Beggars banquet books
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Kindness Stories

Tell us about an act of kindness that you witnessed or performed within our communities recently. Kindness can be as simple as buying someone a coffee at the drive-thru, complementing a friend, helping a family member, and shopping locally. We would love to hear from you, please submit your story or stories below to share how you are spreading kindness and making our communities a better place to live!
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Recent Kindness Stories

The lovely owner of Beyond the Arbour was giving away packets of flower seeds and a Christmas cactus with each purchase today.
Letting someone in a rush go ahead in line.
Cheerful staff at the Gananoque Tim Horton's.
Donations to the local food bank
Trying to shop locally
Gift cards given from this community to help other commuities
Someone bought me a coffee in Timmys drive thru last week
Staff member at No frills in gananoque was super friendly today went above and beyond showing kindness . A young girl on cash 2 .
Comments made on the gan chev post and Giss post from community members were amazing showing so much support and love and well wishes .
My husband outside one night this week with his telescope. Someone walked by my husband shared 3 planets in the telescope with the walker!
Local businesses that did the moonlight shopping day. They adapted it to make it safe for Covid.
Pine St construction. The fantastic work done by the town and the contractor. I could go on with great stories about this.
Rob at Home Hardware went online to check and see how many decibels the phone I was interested in went up to.
All the Merry Christmas wishes at the Parked Santa Clause Parade
All people calling, texting, emailing employees at Gan Chev to see how we are doing and how they can help.
My partner and I try hard to shop locally, especially this year. We order in once a week from a Gananoque restaurant and this year I decided to "sweeten" up my family with local honey and maple syrup as Christmas gifts! Win, win!
Last year a tradition was born! My partner and I bought all our stocking stuffers on King Street!
Took my neighbour to the library to pick up her weekly stash!
Total strangers have offered their services or to provide food for people that may have lost their jobs and are experiencing difficult financial obstacles.
My daughter has assisted the elderly during the pandemic when there we long lines outside, she offered her spot in line or to pick something up for them in the store.
Our family always supports the Salvation army through donations of clothes and misc. reusable articles throughout the year and during the holiday season.
These are stories I’ve seen in the community recently that I thought were heartwarming :) 1) the Lions Club is hosting a dinner in December with the help from the curling club for those who need it.
2) during the Pandemic Carveth has been hosting fun activities to keep their residents happy. My favourite was the pictures of the Tim Hortons drive thru. Great job Carveth crew!!
3) with Santa visits on hold this year, local photographer Lindsay Foster has come up with a unique way to help families enjoy this tradition. For $25 you can email a photo to her and she will edit the picture to add Santa!
Coaching local hockey
Shopped local and supported the great brewery
Stayed within our household social distancing limits
Was asked/hired to build a hope chest for a lady's grandchild. Bought all lumber,hardware,paint locally. Instead of payment I donated and she is going to make a donation to a local charity/ person of their choice.
Helped a neighbor out who was in a jam.
Bought my wife some flowers to show her how much I appreciate her.

Why shop local & show kindness in the community?

Why shop local?

The Canadian economy totals 1.18 million employer businesses. 97.9 % are small businesses. Local entrepreneurs are your friends, family, and neighbours, please shop locally this holiday season.

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