How do I find a doctor or dentist in Gananoque?

Visit Family Medical Centres / Hospitals


How do I contact the Mayor or a Councillor?

Visit Council Members

How do I find information about council meetings, agendas or minutes?

Visit Council Meetings

Parks and Recreation

What recreational activities are available?

Visit Get Involved

Are there any skateboard parks?

Visit Skateboard Park

How do I find information about local events and festivals?

Visit Events


How often are taxes billed and when are they due?

Visit Property Taxes

What are the tax rates, current and 3 previous years?

Visit Annual Tax Rates

Why is my assessment so high and who can I call regarding a re-assessment?

Visit Property Assessment


Where can I get a map of the area?

Visit Visitors Centre

What outdoor activities can I enjoy while visiting?

Visit Our Playground

Where is the marina?

Visit Municipal Marina

Waste Removal

When is my garbage picked up? and What can I recycle or take to landfill?

Visit Garbage, Recycling and Landfill

What do I do with yard waste?

Visit Yard Waste

Water / Sewer

How often is water/sewer billed and when is it due? And What are the water/sewer rates?

Visit Utilities and Collections