Toys of Yesteryear

Toys have captured the imagination of children for generations. Their hopes for the future, their parent’s expectations, and everyday life can be seen in a simple doll house. Would she grow up to be a mother? Would her husband own a house with furniture this nice? While gendered expectations may have changed, the joy a child shows when receiving a present is ever the same. These toys were donated to the Town of Gananoque by residents past and present, who wanted to share their childhood memories with you. You can view this exhibit by walking past the veranda windows of the 1000 Islands History Museum.

A Joyful Sight on a Dark Night

Beginning on December 5th, heartwarming lights will soon chase away the gathering gloom! Come and celebrate the changing of the seasons with the 1000 Islands History Museum, as they turn on over 3000 Christmas lights this winter. The lights are free for all to enjoy, and social distancing is easy along the waterfront trail.

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