Land-Use Planning

Planning services include Official Plan Amendments, Community Planning Permits (Minor Variance, Site Plan and Zoning), Consent Applications, Plans of Subdivisions and Condominiums. These applications are regulated under the Planning Act, R.S.O.

Official Plan Amendment

An application for an Official Plan Amendment can be Town-wide, an area or site-specific.  Amendments are only considered when they are justified and when supporting documentation is provided.  When reviewing an amendment consideration is given to identification of any impact(s) on the goals and objectives of the Official Plan, the need for change and impact that the change may have on the use of public services and/or facilities.  As well, site specific changes need to consider whether there is a need and whether it is a suitable use of land.

Development Permit By-Law (Site Plan Control/Minor Variance/Zoning)

A Development Permit considers site plan control, minor variance and zoning under one application. 

Pre-consultation with staff is required prior to submitting an application for a Development Permit.  The pre-consultation will identify what is required to submit in an application including any required background studies such as traffic, noise or environmental.  Similar to site plan control it is used to control or regulate the outside features on the site of a development including building location, landscaping, drainage and parking.  Additionally, any consideration for variations, such as relief, parking or other site-specific items, from the Development Permit would be included under one application.

Consent Applications

The Planning Act identifies that consent must be given before a property can be divided to create an additional lot(s).  A consent or severance application is required to:

  • Divide land (or sever it) for the purpose of sale
  • Register a mortgage or discharge a mortgage over part of a parcel of land
  • Register a lease over part of a parcel for land when the term of the lease is 21 years or more (inclusive of renewal options)
  • Register an easement or right-of-way
  • Adjustment boundaries of an existing parcel or a lot line adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment reviews the applications based on the tools of the Provincial Policies, Official Plan and Development Permit By-Law.

Plans of Subdivision

The Official Plan identifies that lot creation in excess of three lots, including the retained lot, shall take place by Plan of Subdivision. 

A pre-consultation is required to identify the current Official Plan designation, Development Permit provisions and any studies/reports that may be required to commence processing of the application(s), as well as to obtain and provide information to better process the application.  Subdivisions are required to meet the tools laid out in the Official Plan, which requires an application along with other supporting documents such as layout, drainage, utility and agency approvals, engineering plans, servicing plans, storm-water management and other supporting documentation as required.

Condominium Plans

The Condominium Act identifies five types of condominium corporations (alone or in combination); Leasehold, Freehold - Common Elements - Phased - Standard - Vacant Land. 

A condominium plan is used to regulate the division of land and/or buildings into parcels or units that may be sold as part of a condominium corporation.


All applications, with exception of the Development Permit applications, for the above noted documents are available at the Town Administration office, 30 King Street East, Gananoque or online – Permits, Licenses and Forms.

For more information also visit our Land-Use Planning Documents section.

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