Integrity Commissioner

An Integrity Commissioner is an independent and impartial person hired by the Municipality as a confidential advisor to Mayor and Council regarding situations pertaining to the Council Code of Conduct and the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act.

The Integrity Commissioner investigates complaints received from any person regarding a breach of the Council Code of Conduct.

If a person believes a member has disregarded the Council Code of Conduct Policy or Municipal Conflict of Interest Act, a letter should be forwarded to the Town's Integrity Commissioner (information below) with a copy to the Town Clerk at  The correspondence must fully outline the detail(s) of the alleged contravention(s).

Town's Integrity Commissioner

Tony Fleming, LLP
300-27 Princess Street
Kingston, ON  K7L 1A3

Telephone:  613-546-0211
Fax:  613-542-9814

Council Code of Conduct

The Town of Gananoque's Council Code of Conduct applies to all members of Council, Local Board, Committees and Advisory Panels.  The purpose and intent of this Policy is to establish standards of conduct as the members conduct their official duties, and; help protect and maintain the Town of Gananoque’s reputation and integrity.

Conflict of Interest

The Municipal Conflict of Interest Act  governs individual Council, Local Board, Committee and Advisory Panel members, and it is the duty of each member to comply.

A conflict of interest is any personal or pecuniary interest, direct or indirect, for the Councillor or family member (as outlined in the Act, also reference Council Code of Conduct) of the Councillor for any item under consideration by Council, Local Board, Committee and Advisory Panel. Pecuniary interest refers to any financial or monetary interest, whether it's a positive or negative influence.

It is the responsibility of each member, not staff, to determine whether they have a direct or indirect pecuniary interest with respect to matters arising before Council, Local Board, Committee and Advisory Panels. Councillors shall not take part in any discussion or influence other Councillors before, during or after the meeting for items they have declared a conflict of interest in. They will also be unable to vote on these items.

If a Councillor does not declare a conflict of interest they may be subject to penalties.