Take It Back Programs in Gananoque

You’ve probably asked this question on occasion – “how and where do I get rid of…”

  • Used oil
  • Paint
  • Single-use household batteries
  • Car batteries
  • Propane tanks
  • Flare guns
  • Fireworks
  • Ammunition
  • Prescription meds
  • Needles, syringes
  • Fridge or freezer containing freon

Below are some answers and options for proper disposal of certain products

  • Do not dispose of hazardous waste in with your regular household garbage. Do not throw your old medications down the drain. Please do your part and dispose of your hazardous waste properly for the safety of all and the environment.

Several businesses in Town are part of take it back programs and accept hazardous waste such as, household single-use batteries, automotive batteries, paint, propane tanks, prescription medications and needle sharps. Below is a listing of businesses and items they currently accept:

Canadian Tire - 705 King St E

  • household single-use batteries    
  • automotive batteries (at the Auto Service desk)
  • 20lb regular barbecue propane tanks (not the 1lb green small cylinders)

Home Hardware - 875 Stone St N

  • household single-use batteries
  • paint

Chiasson Ford - 655 Stone St N

  • automotive batteries

Shopper’s Drug Mart - 615 King St E

  • outdated or no longer needed prescriptions and medications  
  • syringes and needle sharps (in a sharps container, properly sealed) 

Pharmasave - 220 King St E

  • outdated or no longer needed prescriptions and medications  
  • syringes and needle sharps (in a sharps container, properly sealed) 

Appliance Mechanic Plus – Call the store for details - 613-770-0366

  • fridges & freezers containing freon
  • other appliances containing freon (dehumidifier, heaters)

Benson Auto Parts - 185 James A. Brennan Rd

  • automotive batteries and marine batteries

Napa Auto Parts - 825 Stone St N

  • automotive batteries

Annual Household Hazardous Waste Days – Special Events
The United Counties of Leeds & Grenville, in partnership with local municipalities, sponsors annual hazardous waste disposal events each year.  For details regarding these special days, like Town of Gananoque on Facebook or visit the County website  https://www.leedsgrenville.com/en/government/household-hazardous-waste… for a list of accepted hazardous products. Mark your calendar for special disposal days in the summer – the closest event to Gananoque is typically held in August. Watch our website, follow our Facebook and watch the newspaper for details.  

Gananoque Police Service - *call (613) 382-4422 for details*

  • ammunition 

Gananoque Fire Service - *call (613) 382-3334 for details*

  •  flares 

Industrial or Commercial Hazardous Waste Disposal 
There are several companies that provide industrial/commercial hazardous waste disposal. 
Google - commercial hazardous waste disposal and several options are listed for finding reliable resources close to you.  

NON-HAZARDOUS WASTE (no longer contains hazardous products)

Town of Gananoque Public Works Yard via James A Brennan Rd 

  • empty 20lbs propane tanks as scrap metal – must be empty
  • empty 1lb propane cylinders (green) as scrap metal – must be empty
  • metal appliances with freon removed, and are tagged noting the removal
  • metal empty paint cans, with the lid off and dry

For more information about hazardous waste disposal options, visit 
FIND A COLLECTION SITE or call the Public Works Office at 613-382-3149 Ext 1613 

If you would like your business’ take it back program added, please send your program information to pwinfo@gananoque.ca