By-Law Enforcement

By-Law Enforcement is responsible for the enforcement of regulatory By-Laws such as:

  • Animal Control By-law, as amended
  • Property Standards By-law
  • Safe Property By-law
  • Traffic and Parking By-law

Animal Control

  • An annual dog tag is required for all dogs within the Town of Gananoque as per By-law No. 2010-03, as amended.
  • Dog owners and walkers are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs. Please carry a scoop and bag when with your dog off your property. Owners who fail to "Stoop & Scoop" their dog's excrement can be fined.
  • No person shall allow a dog to run at large with exception to the dog park located at 165 River Street.

Property Standards

  • The Property Standards by-law regulates residential properties, non-residential properties, vacant buildings, and Heritage Properties.
  • Owners shall repair, maintain and keep a property in good repair with the standards and take action to eliminate unsafe and unsightly conditions.

Safe Property

  • The Safe Property by-law relates to the health, safety and welfare of the Town and its residents.
  • Properties are to be cut and maintained, free of garbage, unlicensed vehicles, long grass and debris.

Anyone who has a concern about the condition of a property as outlined in the by-law a complaint may be made by submitting a complaint form [PDF], email or contacting Bylaw Enforcement.  All complaints shall be received with the concerned persons’ name and address, nature of complaint and if known, the name and location of complaint.  (The names of the concerned will be kept confidential unless authorized for release by the requestor or unless required for prosecution).

A By-law Enforcement Officer will inspect the property and identify if or what areas are in contravention of the by-law.  Should the inspection, identify an area, the owner of the property may be issued an Order to Comply with an identified timeframe to comply.

The Town retains the company, Frontenac Municipal Bylaw Enforcement Services under the Manager of Planning and Development who can be reached at:


Phone: 613-382-2149 ext.1126 or 613-541-3213 after business hours or emergencies