Building permits are required to ensure that the Ontario Building Code, Community Planning Permit By-Laws and other applicable laws are complied with. These regulations set minimum health, safety and structural standards. The Chief Building Official (CBO) is appointed by the Town to ensure that all construction meets these regulations and laws.

Under the Building Code Act a building permit is required for the construction of an addition or alteration to a building or the construction of a new building or structure.

Building Permit applications are available at the Town Administration Office, 30 King Street East, Gananoque or online – Permits, Licenses and Forms.

When is a Building Permit required?

  • Any work on a Heritage Property (including renovations, demolition, or partial demolition)
  • All new residential or commercial buildings
  • Residential additions (including bedrooms, family rooms, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Commercial additions or renovations
  • Decks
  • New fireplace/woodstove
  • Porches
  • Sunrooms, Solariums
  • Carports, Attached or detached garages
  • Dormers
  • Furnace replacements to a greater efficiency
  • Plumbing and/or drains
  • Major duct work changes or gas systems
  • New or structural alterations to windows to doors
  • Adding or removing most walls
  • Basement or main floor walkouts
  • Swimming pools, Hot Tubs
  • Change of Use of building
  • Erect signage
  • Electrical systems
  • Tents (open or enclosed) larger than 60 m2
  • Install or modify any life safety or fire suppression system such as fire alarms, sprinkler or standpipe or fixed extinguishing systems
  • Construction or alteration of any freestanding structure over 10 m2 (108 ft2) in area
  • Demolition or removal of all or part of a building

When is a Building Permit NOT required?

  • Air conditioning units or heat pumps added to existing systems
  • Re-shingle a roof
  • Install siding on structures
  • Replace existing, same size windows/doors
  • Pool Heaters
  • Painting and decorating
  • Landscaping
  • Fences (other than masonry, concrete, etc. or for swimming pools and hot tubs)
  • Asphalt roof shingling (non-structural)
  • Eaves troughs (drainage must be contained on your own property)
  • Minor repairs to masonry
  • Damp-proofing basements
  • Kitchen/bathroom cupboards without plumbing
  • Freestanding satellite dishes
  • A detached accessory structure, less than 10 m2 (108 ft2) in area. (An accessory structure is any building or structure other than the house.)

Regardless of the need for a building permit, remember you must still comply with the Community Planning Permit By-Law (i.e. accessory building under 10.0 m2 in area or 108 ft2)

Complete applications may be filed in person at the Town Administration Office. Along with the application form, applicants are required to submit the following:

  • Building Permit Application and Forms
  • One copy of the deed or proof of ownership
  • Two sets of building plans (floor plans, elevations and/or cross sections). Plans must be prepared by a qualified designer when required by the Ontario Building Code
  • One copy of your property survey or site plan. Illustrate all proposed new construction.

Applications will be reviewed for compliance with the following:

  • Ontario Building Code
  • Community Planning Permit By-Law (formerly Zoning By-Law)
  • Other agencies having jurisdiction such as the Cataraqui Region Conservation Authority and Leeds Grenville and District Health Unit.

When your building permit has been reviewed, and if there are no outstanding requirements, the building division will contact you by phone or e-mail that your permit is ready. The CBO will indicate which inspections will be required during construction.

Permits may be picked up at the Administration Offices at 30 King Street East, Gananoque.

For more information please contact the Chief Building Official.