1000 Islands History Museum

The 1000 Islands History Museum is the centrepiece of the Historic 1000 Islands Village, a replica of nineteenth century architecture. Here you can experience the wonders of the Frontenac Arch then travel in the footsteps of the First Nations, Early Settlers and Fur Traders and the Military Combatants of the War of 1812. Step back in time into the splendour of the Golden Age of Castles and Cottages and get lost in the dreamy past of a very special time in the 1000 Islands.

This spacious museum occupies the former site of the Thousand Island Railway Station, which opened in 1889 to serve one of Canada's shortest railway lines, the Thousand Island line was only 6.33 miles long! The station burned down in 1990. Today, the museum leads visitors through 10,000 years of the area's history and heritage.

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