Town Council

Municipal government is a local government created by the provinces to provide services that can be more effectively delivered at the local level.

Types of municipal governments include cities, towns, villages, townships and municipalities. The powers and responsibilities which municipal governments may exercise are usually set out in Provincial statutes, one of which is the Municipal Act. Municipal governments make policy, raise revenue and ensure the implementation of policy. The first two tasks are the responsibility of the municipal council, elected locally, which is expected to act as a local legislature. Under the Constitution Act, 1982, the powers of municipal governments are determined by provincial governments, but their performance is assessed by the electorate during the municipal election process. All regular council meetings for the Town of Gananoque are held at 340 Herbert street and are open to the public.

To appear before Council/ Committee of the Whole, as a delegation or presenter, an application must be made on the required form. Review the Guide for presentations and download a delegation application.

Please take note that all general correspondence supplied to Council are considered as a public document and may result in the item being posted on the Town's website - the only exception/s would be items covered under Section 239 of the Municipal Act.