Where do Your Tax Dollars Go?

The individual property tax levy on each property includes an education tax rate plus a municipal tax rate, times the assessment value, plus any applicable local improvements and special charges that may apply against the property. Education tax rates are legislated by the Province of Ontario and are applied, billed and collected by the municipality. The funds levied are then turned over to the local school boards.

This tax represents approximately the following percentage of your total tax bill:

  • Residential: 17.555%
  • Commercial: 51.889%
  • Industrial: 46.296%

There are four school boards who share the education levy:

  • Public English - Upper Canada District School Board
  • Public French - Conseil des écoles publiques
  • Separate English - Catholic District School Board
  • Catholic French - Conseil des écoles catholiques

Municipal tax rates are determined once Council approves the Town's annual budget. The budget is determined after considering all venues of revenue (user fees, grants, etc.) less the expenses equals the municipal levy. The municipal levy is then used to calculate the municipal tax rates.

Due Dates - Property tax due dates are the last business day in each of March, May, August, and October.

Summary of Amounts Raised Through Taxation

As a result of the various Town of Gananoque services, and their respective levels, the following amounts depict the amounts raised from property tax dollars:

  • 2016 - $7,467,933.20
  • 2017 - $7,634,761.29
  • 2018 - $7,752,050.44
  • 2019 - $7,914,836.55
  • 2020 - $8,120,558.73
  • 2021 - $8,657,677.11