Utilities Division

The Utilities Division is responsible for Gananoque’s water treatment, water distribution, wastewater treatment and wastewater collection systems. The Town provides water and wastewater services to over 2100 households and more than 300 businesses.

Responsibilities include the Water Treatment Plant and Water Tower operations; backflow protection; water quality monitoring; water conservation, water meter installation and replacement; meter reading; wastewater collection system maintenance and repair; and environmental compliance. These activities and dedicated staff members play a vital role in ensuring that our residents’ and businesses’ water needs are met. Working together, the Utilities Division is able to provide affordable, high-quality drinking water that meets all mandatory requirements.

Office Information 

The Utilities Office is located at the Water Treatment Plant at 110 Kate Street. All inquiries regarding these services should be directed to 613-382-2149 Ext 1118 during regular office hours (7:00 am to 3:30 pm) and to the Town’s after-hours emergency service at 1-888-691-7969 during all other times.  

Water Treatment

The Town of Gananoque draws its water from the St. Lawrence River through a 416m long intake pipe terminating at an intake crib approximately 6m below the water surface. Chlorine solution is pumped to the intake crib for zebra mussel control before entering the Water Treatment Plant.

The James W. King Water Treatment Plant provides a potable water supply to residents and businesses of the Town of Gananoque.  The Water Treatment Plant is categorized as a Class II 
direct filtration system, having a design rated capacity of 10,220 m3 of water per day.  The water 
then enters through the processes of coagulation/flocculation, filtration and disinfection before being discharged into the distribution system. 

Water Distribution

The Gananoque Distribution System consists of valves, hydrants, watermains varying in size from 100mm to 350mm, and materials including cast iron, ductile iron and PVC piping. The system pressure is maintained between 45-65psi throughout the system by the high lift pumps at the James W. King Water Treatment Plant and the Water Tower. 

The single pedestal spherical Water Tower can contain approximately 1327 m3 of treated water and is located near the Public Works Garage at 665 Charles St. N. Gananoque.

Wastewater Collection

The Town system consists of four sewage pumping stations. The pump stations are equipped with a wet well holding tank collecting the incoming wastewater. The wastewater is then pumped out of the wet well using submersible pumps into a forcemain. All sewage is collected from three pump stations and pumped into the East End Pumping Station. Alum is added at the East End Pumping Station to assist with the reduction of phosphorus and total suspended solids.    

Wastewater Treatment 

The Gananoque Sewage Lagoons are facultative lagoons which have been in operation for over 50 years. The facility is located north of Highway 401, occupying approximately a 1.5 sq. km (150 ha) parcel of land consisting of 3 cells. 

Raw sewage is received in cell 1 from the East End Pumping Station through a 400mm diameter forcemain. Once the sewage enters the first cell it flows from one cell to the next allowing the settling of solids and reduction of dissolved nutrients. The final effluent of the lagoon is then discharged to the St Lawrence River.


Each spring thaw, the Town appreciates your help in keeping catch basins clear from snow and ice. If blocked, the run-off they collect can instead, flood our streets and cause infrastructure damage.  

If you are thinking about creating a new entrance, cutting a curb, changing your drainage, digging a hole or anything that could affect the Town’s underground utilities, STOP – obtain your permit first.  

Planning to dig?  You need a locate.  Contact Ontario One Call to request a locate 1-800-400-2255. CALL BEFORE YOU DIG, IT’S THE LAW.

Visit Utilities and Billing for more information.

Contact Information

Don Richards, Superintendent of Water & Wastewater
613-382-2149 Ext 1118

Christine Brennan, Utilities Compliance Coordinator 
613-328-2149 Ext 1612

David Armstrong, Manager of Public Works
613-382-2149 Ext 1615 

Michelle Jones, Technical Assistant
613-382-2149 Ext 1613