Scrap Metal Recycling Program

It is important that we recycle our metal and aluminum materials as part of our waste recycling practices to divert this material from landfill. Metals are ideal for recycling because they can be melted down and turned into a pure raw material again very easily.  

Did you now that it takes 250 years for a metal can to decompose, and over 100 years for an aluminum can?   

The Town operates a residential scrap metal recycling program. The scrap metal bin is located at the Public Works Yard at 665 Charles Street (access via James A. Brennan Rd). Residents can dispose of scrap metal and aluminum free of charge at the Yard when the Site is open.

Items accepted in the Scrap Metal Recycling Program:
Most items made of metal and aluminum such as, but not limited to:
flatware; shelving; chairs; tables; microwaves (glass plate must be removed); small metal appliances such as bread maker, toaster oven; toaster; items made of mostly metal (but contain a small amount of wood, plastic or other material eg, lawn chair); barbeque; bicycle; hot water tank; stove; washer; dryer; aluminum siding; scrap metal and aluminum pieces, poles, rods; screws; nuts; bolts; tools; lawn chair; push mower (with all liquids removed); extension cord; strings of Christmas lights; copper wiring/piping; metal paint cans that are empty with the lid off and dry; 20 lb empty propane tanks; 1lb empty propane cylinders.

**Items Accepted: (with the freon removed)
Metal appliances such as fridges & freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers.
** Note - all items containing freon must have the freon removed and the item must be tagged before it can be accepted at the Site. 
The refrigerants require special disposal and a Site legally licenced to store them, therefore we cannot accept appliances containing the refrigerant/freon. Please contact a refrigeration company to have the freon/refrigerant removed. 

Items NOT accepted at the Site: 
Appliances containing freon/refrigerants
Metal and aluminum containers with hazardous waste (eg. paint, oil, gas) 

Other Options: 
Contact a local scrap metal collector/dealer 

For more information, please contact Public Works at 613-382-2149 Ext 1613 or email