Permit Applications

A permit is required for encroachment projects into or onto municipal land, new entrances, changes to an existing entrance, cutting a curb, lot grading, excavation on municipal land, oversize loads and more. An application must be submitted to the Public Works Department for review and consideration.
All applications submitted will be reviewed by the Public Works Manager or Designate. All applications will be given consideration, however, not all applications will be approved. A fee applies to all applications and must be paid upon submission of the application. 

It is important to submit an application for your project at least 5 business days before you need it, to provide time for application review. 

Applications must be submitted to the Public Works Office at or dropped off at Town Hall with payment. Payment must be made at Town Hall by cheque , debit or can be made by electronic transfer.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to Town of Gananoque