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Veggies n’ Fruit Community Boost Initiative

April 27, 2017 Town News
Veggies and fruit are a great and natural way to help kids get the important vitamins, minerals and fibre they need
to stay healthy. Help make it easier for kids and families in Leeds and Grenville to make vegetables and fruit a part of
every meal and snack. Funding up to $5000 is available to non-profit groups/organizations for innovative projects
that promote the consumption of vegetables and fruit and create supportive environments for healthy eating.
Apply today at
Application Deadline:
Friday, May 19, 2017 at 4:30pm

Gananoque Technology Business Incubator

February 16, 2017 Town News

Gananoque, ON: Second Order delivered an engaging presentation regarding the Gananoque Technology Business Incubator Feasiblity Study to Council on February 7th.  The presentation covered the role of an incubator, vision for a Gananoque incubator, key options, risks, success factors and the overall feasibility for Ganananoque.   The feasibility of the project is positve and Council approved proceeding with the business plan.

“With strong capitalization, management and governance, an incubator has a good chance of driving STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) employment growth in the Gananoque region,” said Darren McLennan, Principal of Second Order.  “This is an opportunity for Gananoque to initiate a change that capitalizes on the existing community assests, fibre and Canada’s digital business trends.” 

The presenters included Darren McLennan who previously worked with with small businesses for 8 years and with Deloitte Consulting for 9 years combining work in both technology-media-telecom and public sector.  The second presenter was Karen Schulman Dupuis who has over 17 years experience working in the technology space and recently at the MaRS Discovery District.  Valerie Fox was unable to attend, however, she played an intregal role in the study and was a founder of the Ryerson DMZ. 

The expertise of the consultants and their relevant experience in the technology and incubator sector has been an excellent resource for the Town of Gananoque.  The overall vision for Gananoque is to create a space that provides support for startups, existing small businesses, and encourages business attraction in the technology sector.  The goal is to grow year-round skilled jobs, provide opportunities for our youth and engage the community through programming and events. 

2017 Dog Tags are Due

February 1, 2017 Town News

2017 Dog Tags:             

$15.00 until February 28, 2017

$25.00 beginning March 1, 2017


Tags available at:         

Town Hall, 30 King Street East, Gananoque

Pet Valu, 711 King Street East, Gananoque