Waste Reduction

OCTOBER is Circular Economy Month and it includes Waste Reduction Week

Municipalities all across Canada are affected by waste management issues every day. Reducing the amount of waste produced in a municipality is beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • It reduces the need for landfill space
  • Saves valuable natural resources
  • Cuts down on greenhouse gas production
  • Saves the community money by reducing disposal costs

What is circular economy?

Join Canadians and reduce, reuse, share, repair and recycle to remove the reusable and the ‘too good to waste’ stuff from our waste stream.
Happy circular Economy Month Gananoque. Let’s do our part to reduce, reuse, share, repair and recycle to make for a better tomorrow.

Visit www.wrwcanada.ca for all the information regarding Circular Economy Month (October) and Waste Reduction Week, the third week in October annually and let’s do our part.

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