Roads Needs Study

The Town of Gananoque 2009 Road Needs Study summarizes road system surveys conducted during the fall of 2009. All of the roads under the Town of Gananoque’s jurisdiction were included in this survey.

The purpose of a Road Needs Study is to provide an overview of the overall condition of the road system and to provide Council with a working tool when budgeting and determining what transportation work to do when. The study provides a rating of the general condition of the road system, by road section, including such factors as structural adequacy, drainage, and surface condition. The study also provides an indication of apparent deficiencies in horizontal and vertical alignment elements as per the Ministry of Transportation's manual "Geometric Design Standards for Ontario Highways". At the time of getting a project construction ready further detailed review, investigation and design will be required to address the specific requirements of the project.

View the 2009 Roads Needs Study [PDF]