Yard Waste Collection Service


Public Works will be providing a spring and fall brush, leaf & yard waste curbside collection service for residential properties on municipal roads again this year.

May 6th to May 24th and October 28th to November 15th

Set Out Guidelines

Brush, leaf and yard waste

  • must be placed at the curb during the dates listed above
  • will be collected by Town Staff during this time
  • must be visible and accessible
  • must NOT impede pedestrian or vehicular traffic
  • must NOT be placed out for collection outside of the above listed dates, as no collection occurs


  • must be piled neatly at the curb for chipping
  • should be piled with all ends laying in one direction (easy for handling & chipping)
  • no length limit – can be left as whole branches
  • must be no larger than 10 inches in diameter
  • tree stumps will not be collected
  • do not tie – no wire, string or rope

Leaf & Yard Waste

  • must be bagged in paper bags - plastic bags are not accepted
  • bags heavier than 40lbs will be rejected and tagged
  • must be at placed neatly at the curb for collection

Outside of these collection programs, material must be transported by residents to the Public Works Yard at 665 Charles St (via James A. Brennan Rd) during regular hours of operation.

For more information send an email to pwinfo@gananoque.ca or give your Public Works Department a call at 613-382-2149 Ext. 1613.


You may only set out your materials during the listed program dates; however, please note that Staff will continue to collect for a few weeks following the set-out deadlines.