Community Improvement Plan

A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a tool that allows a municipality to direct funds and implement policy initiatives toward a specifically defined project area. Section 28 of the Planning Act gives municipalities that have enabling policies in their official plans, the ability to prepare Community Improvement Plans. Community Improvement Plans are intended to encourage rehabilitation initiatives and/or stimulate development. Once implemented, the plan allows municipalities to provide tax assistance, grants or loans to assist in the rehabilitation of lands and/or buildings within the defined Community Improvement Project Area.

Grants that are available include: 

  1. Downtown Facade Improvement Grant
  2. Downtown Interior Improvement Residential
  3. Downtown Interior Improvement Commercial - Grant
  4. Downtown Accessibility Improvement Grant
  5. Downtown Business Improvement Loan

Application for CIP - Downtown Improvements

Incentives for Brownfield Redevelopment include: 

  1. Brownfield Development Grant – Phase I
  2. Brownfield Development Grant – Phase II 
  3. Brownfield Development Tax Cancellation Program – municipal portion and education (subject to the Minister of Finance)
  4. Brownfield Development Tax Assistance Program
  5. Brownfield - Permit/Application Fees Grant 

Application for CIP - Brownfield

Applications are processed and approved on a first come first serve basis, and subject to availability of funding as approved by Council

2020-079-Establish a Community Improvement Plan (CIP)-30Jun2020

For further information about this program, please contact:

Trudy Gravel, Assistant Planner at or 613-382-2149 ext. 1129 or

Amanda Trafford, Economic Development and Communications Officer at 613-382-2149 ext. 1125