Load Restrictions and Heavy Truck Routes

The Highway Traffic Act Section 27, states that a municipality may pass by-laws in respect to a highway only if it has jurisdiction over the highway. The Town of Gananoque has passed By-Law 2015-70 governing traffic and parking in the Town.

Load Restrictions

During the spring thaw, roads are much more fragile than at other times of the year. Under the weight of traffic, especially heavy trucks, potholes will appear at the weak spot of the road. Even one overweight truck can cause a lot of damage. Weather and road conditions may prompt the necessity to apply load restrictions on roads and streets for a certain period of time. 

Municipalities have the right to place load restrictions on certain roadways in their jurisdiction to preserve infrastructure as required. At the discretion of the Public Works Manager, truck loading restriction to 5 tonnes per axle may be implemented between March 1st and May 15th to prevent damage to the Town’s road network.  If load restrictions are implemented, notice will be posted to our website and social media. 

Heavy Truck Routes

The Town of Gananoque has a designated heavy truck route, as per By-Law 2015-70. For heavy truck deliveries and operations please adhere to the heavy truck route. Please see below the excerpts from By-Law 2015-070, and the table and map for heavy truck routes in the Town of Gananoque. 

For additional information please contact Public Works at 613-382-2149 Ext 1613. For a full copy of the Traffic and Parking By-Law please use the link provided above.