Night Life

Restaurant & Bars Open Late on Weekdays

1000 Curry - 12-9pm

Anthony's Restaurant - 8-10pm (Sunday 8-8pm)

Island Chinese & Thai restaurant - 11-10pm

Maple Leaf Restaurant - 11-9:30pm

Moroni's - 7-12am

Nappo's Sports Bar -11-11pm

Old English Pub - 11:30-12am

Pho Hut - 11-10pm

Sushi Sun 5-9:30pm

Shopping Open Past 5pm

Arts & Crafts Collectie - 10-7pm 

Farmhouse Flowers - 8-6pm (Sunday 10-4pm)

Joe's Collectibles - 10-8pm (Fridays only, otherwise open until 5 or closed)

LCBO - 9:30-6 (9:30-8pm Fridays and Saturdays)

Mega Dollar Store - 9-8pm weekdays (closed 7pm Saturdays and 6pm Sundays)

Steel Style Garage - 10:30-6pm Monday-Wednesday, and Saturday, closed at 7pm Thursday and Friday and 4pm Sundays

O'Connor's Gallery - 6pm Fridays

Beggar's Banquet Books - 6pm Fridays 

Woodley's Jewellers - 6pm Fridays

Restaurants and Bars Open Late for the Weekends (Except Sundays)

Greko's Pizzeria - 11-11pm Fridays and Saturdays 

Lavern's Eatery -7:15-9pm Fridays

Moroni's - 7-2am Fridays and Saturdays 

Old English Pub - 11:30-2am Saturdays 

Gananoque Brewing Company - "Till Late" Fridays and Saturdays 

Nappo's Sports Bar - 11-1am Fridays and Saturdays