Water and Sewer

Water Meter Replacements

The Town is partnering again this year with Neptune Technologies to replace approximately 300 residential water meters in May and June. This project will begin on May 19th and continue through June. If your water meter is being replaced you will receive a notice in the mail providing information on how to book your appointment. Upon receiving this notice, please schedule an appointment by calling the number on the notice or go here to: https://www.watermeterappt.com/

This is a government funded program and all water meters must be replaced so we thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience 
as we complete this project. Neptune Technologies is a technology company serving more than 4,000 water utilities across North America.  

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Public Works staff at (613) 382-2149 ext.1613. 

Quality Management System Policy

Gananoque is committed to comply with all applicable legislation and regulatory requirements, as it pertains to drinking water quality, to supply consumers with safe drinking water and is committed to the maintenance and continual improvement of the Quality Management System.

We achieve these goals through the implementation of the management system comprised of policies, procedures, instructions and forms that demonstrate risk based treatment process evaluation, staff and Operating Authority personnel competency, open communications, appropriate contingency/incident response measures and response to consumers’ concerns in a timely manner.

The drinking water system’s owners, supervisors, managers and the employees who are directly involved in the supply of drinking water, share responsibilities of implementing, maintaining and contributing to the continual improvement of the QMS.

Operational Plan v2.7 DWQMS 2.0 May 12 2022

Water and Wastewater System Fact Sheet

Helpful Tips

Did you know?
A five-minute shower with a standard showerhead uses 100L of water.
A five-minute shower with a low-flow showerhead uses 35L of water. Information on how to conserve water

Did you know?
A tap leaking one drop of water per second wastes more than 25 L of water a day! That’s 9,000 L a year! Tips for checking water leaks

Chlorine in your Water
The Gananoque James W. King Drinking Water System meets all water quality standards. In accordance with the Ontario Safe Drinking Water Act, chlorine is added as a primary disinfectant during the water purification process to ensure our tap water is safe by eliminating microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, and other pathogens. The addition of chlorine is recognized and approved for use in drinking water systems in Ontario and has greatly reduced the risk of waterborne diseases and illnesses.

Click here for more details. Chlorine in Drinking Water

After Hours Emergency Contact Number

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