Target Sectors

Good ideas grow in Gananoque.

The Town of Gananoque has long been an attractive destination for entrepreneurs seeking a business friendly environment and unmatched quality of life.   The region boasts strong opportunities for growth in Tourism, Health-based industries like Medical Manufacturing, Knowledge-based businesses, and niche manufacturing  - particularly within the Food and Beverage sector.  Building on the presence of local talent, know-how and key industry leaders, these sectors are poised for growth. 


Gananoque’s strategic location, exceptional connectivity and wealth of business supports make it an ideal place to make business dreams a reality. A responsive, pro-business environment makes Gananoque a great place to grow.  The stunning location makes it a great place to be. 

Tourism Based Businesses

Internationally recognized as the ‘Gateway to the 1000 Islands’,  Gananoque is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to numerous successful tourism based businesses that anchor the local economy. The region's unparalleled natural and marine assets are the foundation of a growing industry that boasts significant opportunity for the development of traditional and experiential tourism products.

Knowledge/Creative Economy

Tech leaders like Big River Technologies call Gananoque home because it offers everything a dynamic, knowledge-based company needs to access global markets and sustain a vibrant, innovative workforce. Gananoque offers strategic market access and industry-leading connectivity through it’s high speed fibre network. Combined with an exceptional quality of life, it’s a combination that can’t be beat.

Medical Sector

The Town of Gananoque has a history of excellence in medical manufacturing. Home to major employer Cardinal Health (Medtronic), Gananoque offers a  highly skilled life science workforce supported by two major health science faculties within the region located at the University of Ottawa and Queen’s University in Kingston. Eastern Ontario’s educational institutions currently offer more than 200 programs in biology, health disciplines and related subjects that support a strong, innovative talent pipeline. 

Niche Manufacturing/ Supply Chain Opportunities

Building on it’s strategic location, Gananoque has strategic infrastructure assets ideally suited for business growth. Industrial properties available in Gananoque are ideal for niche manufacturing, supply chain development and technology based business. Most industrial properties are connected by high speed fibre internet.

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