Energy Management

The Town of Gananoque will strive to continually reduce our total energy consumption and associated greenhouse gases (GHGs) through smart and efficient use of energy and resources, while still maintaining an efficient and effective level of service for our residents and the general public. This will involve an effort to increase the education, awareness and understanding of energy management within the municipality. Total energy consumption includes electricity, natural gas, and vehicle fuel. This vision can be achieved through a Town wide commitment to energy efficient facilities, operational efficiencies and developing a culture of energy awareness within the municipality.

 Energy planning will help mitigate some cost increases, contribute towards improved service delivery and support local development while protecting human health and the local environment.

 As energy costs form a large component of the operating budget for municipal facilities and fleet, the Town of Gananoque will incorporate energy efficient practices into all areas of our activity including organizational and human resources management procedures, procurement practices, financial management, facility operations and maintenance, and fleet operations.