Official Plan - Review and Update 2021

The Town of Gananoque is in the process of preparing a new Official Plan. This page will be continually updated throughout the process as new documents and engagement opportunities become available. 


The Official Plan is a policy document that establishes the vision and goals for the community for the next 25 years. Review of the Plan ensures that policies continue to reflect the goals of the community and align with updated provincial policies and legislation.

Background Report

The Background Report prepared by J.L. Richards & Associates provides a summary of key information from various sources (including the Census, Development Charges Background Study, and Recreation Masterplan), describes the existing provincial policy framework, summarizes existing Official Plan policies and is intended to serve as a basis for recommended policy directions and changes. Recommended policy directions and changes will be made available in draft-format for public comment and feedback prior to adoption of the plan.

Full Document
Draft Background Report - Full (click to open document in new page)

Document By Section
1.0 Introduction
2.0 Growth and Settlement
3.0 Changing Climate
4.0 Natural Heritage and Water
5.0 Economic Development
6.0 Housing
7.0 Parks and Open Space
8.0 Mobility
9.0 Servicing
10.0 Minerals and Mineral Aggregates
11.0 Cultural Heritage
12.0 Protecting Public Health and Safety
13.0 Lowertown

Discussion Papers

Coming Soon.