Council Grants

The Town of Gananoque acknowledges the efforts of our local volunteer community and believes that many services, events or projects are best provided through the volunteer efforts of local community organizations. Council Grant funding demonstrates Council's commitment to working with community organizations without eroding their strength and independence and encourages organizations to work toward financial self-sufficiency. The Council Grant program provides financial assistance to provide direct services, events or programs to the benefit of the residents of Gananoque.

This policy establishes eligibility requirements and the application process. Applicants are further encouraged to pursue other opportunities for financial support.

Local organizations are eligible for a Town of Gananoque Council Grant if they are based within the Town of Gananoque delivering programs, events or services to the residents of Gananoque. Applicants must provide, a completed application form, a budget and a business plan demonstrating how their service, event or program will directly benefit the overall economy of Gananoque.

For more information and to apply for a council grant please click the link below.

Council Grant Information & Application