Please use Caution if Basement is Flooded

Public Notices

As a result of heavy rains through Thursday, and into Friday morning of this week, some properties throughout Town may have, or be experiencing backup of their sanitary service lateral into their basements, or basement flooding due to surface water runoff. Please be advised that if this is the case at your property, first and foremost, please consider your family’s health and safety. Entering a wet basement could be hazardous. When in doubt, don’t enter the flooded area until you have been advised that it is safe by a professional qualified to do so.

Once aware of water in your basement, you should first contact your insurance provider to start the process for cleanup and remediation. Secondly, the Police/Fire Dispatch should be contacted at 613-382-4422 so they are aware, and to possibly investigate.

General questions with respect to this Public Notice can be directed, via email, to Paul McMunn, Manager of Public Works at